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Will you buy a Huawei smartphone without an Android? You think


Think about the future Huawei without Android This is complicated. We are all used to associating the Chinese giant with small droids, but as we know Trump veto has forced Google to terminate all commercial relations with the company, and this includes withdrawing licenses to use its cellular operating system.

In short, Huawei will not only be without Android, but also cannot use Google services related to the operating system, including the Google Play Store app store. This is serious, there is no doubt, but before panicking we must be clear that if you have a Huawei smartphone does not mean that you will without Android and Google Play Store overnight, you will not have that problem not short or long term, because it will only affect the next terminal of the Chinese giant.

Currently the cellular sector, including tablets and smartphones, is divided between Android and iOS. The first undisputed leads, since May 2019 closed with a total market share of 75.27%, while iOS reaches a 22.74%. The remaining 1.99% is divided between minority operating systems.

We know that Huawei does not live to see them coming. Chinese companies are aware of the dangers that can occur if they are in the crosshairs of the United States, something that has happened to ZTE and that will take it out of the market. This made him develop his own operating system that could function as an alternative if he had to stop using Android, and also do it stock up key component and accelerate the development of your Kirin SoC new generation.

This forward-looking attitude has enabled him to face the United States veto and blockade of companies such as Intel, ARM, Qualcomm and Microsoft with calm and calm. Huawei is not in a hurry, it can move forward in the short and medium term, but cannot be maintained in the long run without Android, a reality that has pushed it to accelerate development HongMeng OS, the temporary name that accepts the alternative from a small android.

As we saw this morning, it was said that it would be based on Aurora OS, derived from Sailfish OS, and that it would have its own application store. It seems that the expectations generated in the first revision are very large and understandable, because of caliber companies Tencent, Oppo and live attend closed presentation events where he proves, in theory, to be up to 60% faster than Android.

The forecast is not as bad as you originally hoped. If I'm honest, I think Huawei can surprise the world with its own operating system, especially if the big Chinese players in the smart phone sector provide their support. I did not speak because I spoke, imagine that HongMeng OS was very successful in China, which made Oppo, I live and others began to adopt it by harming Android. It is only a matter of time until it is extended internationally, and with the best value for the money owned by the terminals of these companies, their success will be almost guaranteed.

I personally think so, that there is a future for Huawei without Android, and I am willing to try it. We are not talking about small companies without resources that have been caught off guard, on the contrary, are giants with a lot of resources that are prevented and can rely on China to overcome this first blip which means leaving Android, taking momentum from there and launching into the international market. And you, what do you think? The comment is yours.

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