Monday , July 26 2021

WiFi connection will arrive with new news

This is already known by the user, not the name of the WiFi connection and its characteristics. Until now the Wi-Fi network has suffixed "802.11" because the committee of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is number 802 and the standard developed is in accordance with version 11. This will change, as reported from Omicrono.

The latest specifications so far, WiFi 802.11ac will be renamed WiFi 5. Which is below, that is, devices with 802.11 n technology will have WiFi 4. The above technology will be WiFi 6, according to Kapak WiFi 802.11 signal. This will result in a change in the WiFi signal icon in each terminal, which will be displayed with the name mentioned earlier.

WiFi 6 will be the future of wireless networks, which will be on the phone for the next few years. This will translate into higher data transfer rates, better capacity, performance in places where the network collapses and, in addition, lower energy consumption.

Source: 20 minutes


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