What is known about the military uprising in Cotiza


January 21, 2019 05:02 PM
Updated January 21, 2019 17:07

At 4:00 this Monday, residents of Parque a Forestal, in Cotiza, got up listening to the confrontation. "I've never heard so many clues," said a resident in the area National. The polar lights illuminated the streets weakly, but the population managed to distinguish that it was a confrontation between military officials.

At 6:27 a.m., an official identified as Sergeant Figueroa broadcasted videos on social networks. "I am here with my squad soldiers, I ask the street soldiers to get out," said Figueroa, who identified the officers as members of the National Guard.

"Going to protest and show, to demand that their rights be respected, here we are, the Venezuelan people," Figueroa said. The video was accepted, in the first instance, by skepticism on social networks. They began to spread videos on Twitter where there was irregular motorbike movement at full speed on highways.

The sun had not come out when the tanks of the Anti-Extortion and National Kidnapping Command (Conas) arrived on the streets of the popular sector. Apart from gunfire, they began to hear Cacerolazo.

"All this for Venezuela, let's move forward," officials said in another video posted on Twitter. To the Comandancia, General de Cotiza arrived at the deployment of FAES officials, Conas, from the Directorate General of Military Intelligence (DGCE) and the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin).

People started leaving their homes at 7:00 a.m. Cacerolearon on the streets, expressed their support for military rebels. FAES closed the roads and did not allow residents to use their cellphones to record or take pictures of what happened.

That's official: There has been a military uprising in Cotiza by officials of the National Guard.

30 minutes later, at 7:30 a.m., state officials began throwing tear gas and pellets to disperse residents on the streets, demonstrating in support of the GN. It is not officially known that rebel officials have decided to surrender to the Military Prosecutor's Office.

The president of the National Assembly and responsible for the Republican presidency, Juan Guaido, assured that the military reacted to the struggle for Nicolás Maduro.

"What happened in the GN command in Cotiza is an example of the general feeling that prevails in FAN. Our military knows that the chain of command was cut off by the seizure of the presidential office," Guaido said on Twitter.

Barricades made of garbage and fire blocked the streets of Cotiza. Residents respond to police aggression and military personnel. "Guard city friends with you!" and "Don't give up!" shouted who was on the street.

Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Constituent Assembly, confirmed the rebellion. "Again our Bolivarian National Armed Forces, guards in that country, arrest and hand over to a small group of attackers and traitors to a country that steals weapons to produce violence and distress in the population, we will win!" He said on Twitter. Oficialista assured during a press conference that they knew about the rebellion at 3:30 in the morning.

Bottles broke, tear gas and pots, people came out with cloth to cover their faces and with Venezuelan flags in their hands. They have signs that say: "Get out of Maduro."

Armed groups tied to the ruling party arrived in the area. They beat the protesters on the streets, but that did not stop the people's slogans. "I don't want a bonus, I don't want the CLAP, what we want is the departure of Nicolás," the father of men was on the road.

Pellets continue, and those who protest respond with stones and bottles. People with Venezuelan flags on their faces hold posters calling for article 350 Magna Carta safe from oppression.

Rebellious officials were captured by the FAES, and they were moved with tanks outside the Comandancia General de Cotiza. One of the guards leaned out of the tank and shouted "Libertad" and "Viva el 23 de enero".


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