Sunday , May 9 2021

we are far from the end of the Ebola epidemic in the DRC

General director of World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesushe said after a visit to the northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) affected by the last Ebola epidemic, which "the end of this disease is still far away"

The efforts made by volunteers and medical personnel in the field are "really commendable"he assured Tedros at the press conference, where he added: "Even though it was encouraging, we were far from the end of the disease in the area from the DRC"

Tedros conducted with the agency's emergency director, Peter Salama, and the UN Deputy Secretary General in charge of the peace mission, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, a few days' visit to affected areas to see the extent of the epidemic. and work carried out by various UN agencies.

This is the first time an outbreak has occurred Ebola expressed in conflict zones, where one hundred rebel groups are active, so since the beginning of the epidemic on August 1, a peace mission from National Examination domestically, the MONUSCO, also work together in responding to diseases.

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In his last bulletin on Ebola, the Ministry of Health The Congo delegation reported that three civil protection agents and one epidemiologist who oversaw the safe burial of an Ebola victim kidnapped in the city of Matembo by a group of rebels Mai-Mai.

Minister of Health, Oly Ilunga, he said later at a press conference with representatives from WHO that these hostages have been released.

October 30, the UN Security Council It agreed to a resolution that expressed concern about the outbreak and called for an end to fighting in the area to facilitate the fight against the disease.

The council warned that the security situation in the affected area was "facilitate the spread of viruses in the DRC and in the region"

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