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We have published for several weeks a series of concepts where it is displayed how could the next generation of iPhone, a new generation which, according to a large number of rumors, can include up to 3 cameras on the back. This possibility has motivated a large number of designers to launch what they hope will be the next generation iPhone.

The first news that confirms how the design of the iPhone 2019 can, This shows us the trackable designs that we can find today on Huawei Mate 2o Pro, where the camera is in the box, offers a design that is very unattractive and not only say, because many of you agree that this design can be improved enough.

However, some designers have used it to show how they want to be the next generation of the iPhone 2019. Previously, we have shown you some rendering of how the design can, both with a vertical camera and placed in a box. In the video that we show in this article, we show how ConceptsiPhone Imagine a new generation of iPhones.

The most striking thing, besides the rectangular design where the camera will be, is that the edge of the device is flat, with a design that is very similar to what we can find up to iPhone 5 / 5s. Another interesting aspect is the fingerprint sensor is integrated under the screen and the type of connection, the connection will be the type of USB-C as the new model of the iPad Pro.

According to analysts, The iPhone will not adopt this type of connection until at least 2020, a connection that greatly extends the number of devices that we can connect to our iPhone without having to rely on expensive and exclusive lightning accessories provided by Apple.

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