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Venezuela began a battle against Peru

June 14 2019 01:06 PM
Updated June 14, 2019 1:10 PM


Comparison: "La Vinotinto"

Star player: José Salomón Rondón.

This will be the fourth participation of strikers in this trophy, after what was done at (Argentina 2011, Chile 2015, United States in 2016). At the Copa América he has a total of 4 goals in 13 matches. His last goal was in defeat against Argentina (4-1) in the 2016 Centennial Cup quarter-final. He was the national team's historic goalscorer with 24 goals in 74 matches in all competitions. He is currently a Newcastle player from England.

Venezuelan Team:

The average age is 26 years, currently ranked 29th in the FIFA rankings. In the 2015 Copa América of Chile they did not overcome the group stage, while at the Copa América Centenario, team performance improved, but they could not surpass Argentina in the quarter-finals. Venezuela is the only South American team that hasn't won this competition.

The Vinotinto joint came from a long year-long preparation, which highlighted victories against Argentina (3-1), and tours in the United States where they played against Ecuador in a match that ended in a draw (1- 1), lost to Mexico (3- 1) and beat the United States (3-0). The tactical scheme would be 4-3-3, prioritizing the defense order and coming out by the bands with the end seeing the point of attack on Salomón Rondón.


Comparison: "The Green"

Star player: Marcelo Moreno Martins

This will be the third Copa América he has disputed with the national team, which was previously in 2011 and in 2015. In total, he has two goals in seven matches in this competition. The final score was made when defeating Bolivia in the 2015 Copa América Chile quarter-final against Peru (1-3). Martins has a total of 73 matches and 17 goals with Bolivia in all competitions. Currently playing with Shijiazhuang Ever Bright of China.

Bolivia Selection:

The average age of team members is 26 years, they are ranked 63rd in the FIFA rankings. At the 2015 Copa América they were eliminated in the quarter-finals, while at the Copa América Centenaria they were eliminated in the group stage. They were the American Cup winners in 1963, the only international title they have today.

In the preparatory match before this trophy, they drew against Nicaragua (2-2) and had 3 defeats; against South Korea (1-0), Japan (1-0) and France (2-0). The tactical disposition that Bolivia will have for the Copa America will be 4-4-1-1, taking into account the formation of the final match against France.


Comparison: "Canarinha"

Star Players: Roberto Firmino.

This will be his second participation in the Copa América, in the 2015 edition he only scored one goal in the win against Venezuela (2-1). The striker scored 10 goals in 32 matches played with Brazil in all competitions. At present, he comes from winning the Champions League with Liverpool from England.

Brazilian Selection:

The average age of this team member is 28 years and they are ranked 3rd in the FIFA rankings. At the Copa America, Chile 2015 were eliminated in the quarter-finals by Paraguay in the shootout. At the Copa America, Centenary is played in the United States, not overcoming the group stage. He has a total of seven titles in this competition. The latter got it in an edition held in Venezuela in 2007.

The Brazilian team played four preparations for the Copa América, where they drew with Panama (1-1), and then won against the Czech Republic (1-3), Qatar (2-0) and Honduras (7-0). The game that will be deployed by Brazil will be vertical, prioritizing the band and the speed of its players, with tactical performances 4-2-3-1.


Comparison: "Incas"

Star player: José Paolo Guerrero.

This will be his fifth participation in the Copa América (Venezuela 2007, Argentina 2011, Chile 2015 and the United States 2016). This accumulates a total of 11 annotations in 20 Copa America matches. His last goal in this competition was a victory against the Haitian team in the Centennial edition held in 2016. Guerrero has 30 goals in 80 matches in all competitions with his team. He is currently an Internacional de Porto Alegre player in Brazil.

Team Peru:

The average age of Peru's Peru team is 28 years. They are ranked 21st in the FIFA rankings. At the 2015 Copa América Chile they were in the semifinals against Chile (0-2) and played in third place against Paraguay, which they won. While at the Copa América Centenaria Colombia were eliminated in the quarter-finals. They had two American Cups they won in 1939 and 1975.

The Inca team came from four friendly matches before the cup, where they won two defeats against El Salvador (0-2), Colombia (0-3) and two wins against Paraguay (1-0) and Costa Rica (1-0). ) The tactical approach will be 4-2-3-1, they will look for their lateral projections and game associations, to go with clear goal opportunities such as for Paolo Guerrero and Christian Cuevas.

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