Unusual! Unicorns are not mere figments: they are there!


Many children around the world put their heads on a pillow dreaming of having in their backyard an extraordinary friend: a unicorn. But the animal is a fairy tale, it's not so much.

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A group of scientists revealed that Indeed this mystical animal yes it inhabited the earth and it was extinct at least 35 thousand years ago. It's really that Grandma's teeth fall, these creatures aren't really as beautiful as in film and beautiful animism, they don't look as colorful or cold as they have presented us repeatedly, the only real thing is that he has the big horn is its fundamental characteristic.

The real unicorn, really, it's called elasmoterio, and is known as "unicorn of Siberia"It is extinct more than 35 thousand years because of the reduction of grasslands in pastures inhabited due to climate change, according to a study published today.

Yes, that's right, it's not a small animal that floats, it can't do it, at least its weight 3.5 tons That's why I need so much food. That's more than a Asian continent rhinoceros, characterized by extraordinary horns, living longer than previously believed, according to international investigations that also clarify the relationship between these extinct animals and rhinos today.

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To this day it is believed that animals that live on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China are now extinct before Last Ice Age or around 200 thousand years agoindicated Communication from the University of Adelaide who participated in the investigation.

The genetic analysis made by Ancient DNA Center from the University of Adelaideshows that "Siberian Unicorn" was one of the last members of the family of a living rhino.

Ancestors of the Siberian Unicorn & 39; divided from ancestors of all rhinos 40 million years ago, said Kieran Mitchell, study co-author and researcher from ACAD.

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