Saturday , June 19 2021

This is Maluma’s spectacular performance at the 2020 LOS40 Music Awards singing the hit ‘Papi Juancho’ | Video | Music

Maluma has been, along with Dua Lipa and David Bisbal, one of the best winners of the 2020 LOS40 Music Awards. In this edition, which comes With all the wishes in the world, But also with all caution, Maluma is acting from Colombia because even though we are far away, we are still very close thanks to the music.

Our partner introduces Colombia Tony Aguilar, with whom he has a good relationship and begins with a quote from him: “Music is for people.” The sentence is not mine. This is from the big artists who just made a double tonight: the best Latin artist of the year and the best Latin song. Congratulations, Maluma! Exclaimed Tony.

MALUMA and its brutal performance at the 2020 LOS40 Music Awards. / LOS40

And the fact is that the creator of dozens of reggaeton and urban pop songs has won two awards nominated at the LOS40 Music Awards and has starred in one of the most memorable moments in the gala with his show. That’s how great Maluma’s performance is. Suitable show.

Creator Papi Juancho he brought the most popular songs from the latest album. They are loud ringing Heaven for the devil, Parce, Madrid and Hawài, the last of the 2020 hits that has once again placed itself at the top of our LIST 40.

Papi Juancho This is one of Maluma’s most personal albums, in fact the title refers to Maluma’s real name: Juan Luis. Twenty-two songs were mostly composed during the quarantine period. “All I could do during my confinement at Medellín was work alone in my studio,” explained the perpetual hit singer. Blackmail or HP.

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