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This is how the original Nintendo Switch trailer is made according to official specifications –

As you all know, that is indie game the more they have more relevance in the videogame market. For several years now the type of title has aroused enthusiasm among many players to be humble, but very original proposals, providing a breath of fresh air between triple A games. Regardless of the quality (it's true that there are many quality titles questioned), the truth is that many of them can even make us enjoy more than just titles made by large companies, because they generally provide a lack of resources with a lot of work and effort to make them attractive to the public and published on PCs and consoles today.

Well, today a very interesting news has been shared about making official videogame trailers for Nintendo. Although many independent developers have stated that it is very easy to program on the Switch or bring games from the previous platform, publishing their titles is a very difficult process, because sometimes specifications are not met and a lot of time is lost before receiving final approval.

For this reason Derek Lieu, someone who is dedicated to making video game trailers for indies, has published a Guide to the Video Game Trailer Specifications on your web page.

You can see a summary of the steps to be followed below:

  • The most important thing to remember is not to change the Nintendo Switch logo in any way or form. Only three versions of the Nintendo Switch logo can be used and the following:

  • At the end of the video, the final announcement comes, and each region has its own requirements. This is what must be done on the Japanese market:

– Game title logo
– The Nintendo Switch logo is stacked in a red sketch in the upper right corner of the screen
– Nintendo eShop logo
– Legal line: "© 2018 Nintendo".

  • If everything is done right, this is how video content looks:

Japanese coding specifications

– 30 fps version
– Resolution: 1280 × 720
– Frame speed: 29.97 fps
– Video codec: h.264
– Total bitrate: 2 mbit / sec
– File format: mp4

If you are interested in seeing all the detailed steps complete for all regions, you can visit the Derek Lieu website via the following link. You can also see how to do it on other platforms.

No doubt this is a very useful guide for independent developers who don't know exactly how to make their trailers for Nintendo hybrid consoles and therefore avoid problems being rejected and delay the entire process.

What do you think about this guide?

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