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They investigate the death of an official On the road

Photo: Special

Photo: Special


With four shots in various parts of the body, he was hospitalized Pérez Carreño, the chief commissioner of the Scientific Investigation Corps, Criminal and Criminal, Jenifer Sanoja come from urbanization Villa Rioin Higuerote, state it Miranda, according to the doctor from the hospital, yesterday morning.

The party showed that Sanoja presented: "hypogastric saturated wounds, mesogastric sternum; circular wounds in the left hypochondrial region, others in the left breast milk region and in the right waist region".


Initially it was said that on Saturday morning the official was in the package Search, at the company general commissioner Wilmary Abarca, where they will share in the pool for the weekend.

Apparently, a Sanoja His regulatory weapon, which he wore in a bra, was triggered when he tried to change his clothes and wear a bathing suit. The projectile pierced his stomach and came out from his back.
The Commissioner was transferred to a medical center in Jakarta El Paraíso in Caracas, where he died when he was treated surgically.

Unofficially, it is known that after a medical report, Division officials opposed Murder Cicpc They conducted interviews with each of those present at the event, so that unintentional versions of shots were thrown out and initial investigations began.

This case was signed with nomenclature K-19-0017-00367. Sanoja's relatives who were at the medicatura headquarters did not offer details to the press.


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