Tuesday , May 18 2021

the way out in Venezuela must be a mandatory voter

The leader of the Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) party and former Zulia state governor, Pablo Pérez, stated that need to preserve political spaces in the entity and it the exit in Venezuela must be electoral.

"There must be (…) we must go to the exit of the election, I do not believe in a violent departure or with blood, because that will not bring good for Venezuela," he said Vladimir at 1.

Although, he stressed that "electoral exits" must be accompanied by "respect for the National Assembly's autonomy, changes in CNE and the release of political prisoners."

He called to all political sectors to share and help "people's demands".

"This is necessary and mandatory, for those of us who have leadership, to meet the demands of people (…) to help them and to listen to them (…)We have to think about the country, region, community that is experiencing needs, "he said. Vladimir at 1.

Problems in Zulia

Problems that exist in the entity, listed in: eeconomic, health and public services (water and electricity).

He shows that Zulianos electricity problems suffer from December 2017, and this is because little care given to the structure in charge of supplying services, besides not completing the infrastructure developed during his time as governor.

"We continue to depend on the interconnected (…) Guri system that works becomes independent," he added.

Remind that the municipality has a serious problem with garbage, especially in West Maracaibo, where the garbage "piles up" and this can be seen on every road or road in the city; Residents must "burn garbage" which they say "produces a lot of pollution".

Regarding water services, he denounced that provided This is low quality, and it if you do a "study" you often have stools "the situation in Zulia has never been carried out.

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