Monday , June 21 2021

The “cheating” math practice causes confusion among a group of parents

“How many starfish might there be in the middle tank? Name two possible answers,” says part of the problem.

Courtesy | Another user explained that the exercise only assessed the minimum and maximum concepts

The first grader’s math homework, consisting of simple statements, puzzled her mother, who suspected that the question was hiding a misleading meaning and was taken to social media for a solution, reports The Mirror.

The woman shared the photo on a Facebook group dedicated to exchanging tips for parents during confinement.

Some participants also had difficulty interpreting the problem, while others suggested very simple answers.

“I need help. I think it’s a trick question. How do I explain this to a 6 year old girl?” the middle is empty.

“In the three tanks, the smallest number of starfish is 4. The largest number is 18. How many sea stars are in the middle tank? Show two possible answers, “said the question.

One forum member, apparently also not understanding the statement, wrote: “Thanks for the brain pain, I’m confused.”

“Caramba! Why can’t mathematics be simple? Add, multiply, subtract and divide,” added another.

While another user explained that the exercise evaluates only the minimum and maximum concepts, suggesting that the answer can be any two numbers between 4 and 18.

And they suggest asking students to find those numbers on a ruler and then choosing two values ​​between them.

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