The 19H1 update to Windows 10 can be a problem for Microsoft


As you will remember, it happened at first delete personal data several users, among others failure that with the passage of their day known, the reason for signing it was decided to retire temporarily, for more than a month. However, this is something that has been largely overcome, because for some time there have been no further reports of problems with Windows 10 version 1809at least serious.

However, apart from all this, that the user they still don't believe, as we said a few days ago, so most of them still work on their computers with previous versions, Update 1803 or April 2018 with around a 80% penetration current market.

Because of all this, this is a fact that can become serious problem for Redmond's own signature, like these weeks in 2019, and getting closer official presentation from the first of update planned for this year, which is currently known as 19H1. Actually this is a new version of Windows 10 which is expected to begin shipping starting next March, which has only more than 2 months.

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Microsoft may have problems with the first major Windows 10 update in 2019

Noticing that at this time market penetration from Update October 2018 it doesn't even reach 10% penetration, more than can be estimated that millions of users are ready for it received 19H1 without even accepting installation October 2018. Maybe this is one reason why Microsoft itself is now starting to update automatically compatible equipment from many of your clients, as we have informed you this week.

Now, see what was seen and after what happened with the comments and, for some people, the October 2018 update that brought disaster, the question that made sure they were made from Redmond, to what extent the user they will accept voluntarily install it 19H1 when sent in just a few weeks.

And that is at the same time we must remember that this is part of Windows 10 update, has become one of the most given headaches Microsoft almost since the beginning of the system inside summer of 2015, problems that have increased and accumulated. So, at the door a new update, and with users who don't trust this, most of them work with a version of Windows 10 that will be one year old, it's a way that completely contradicts what Microsoft wants to follow since launching Windows 10, trend how much does it cost to solve.

Do you plan to install Windows 10 19H1 when it arrives on your computer in a few weeks?


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