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With the arrival of the new Amazon Echo in Mexico, and with Good End round the corner, you may experience the same dilemma as many other people who want to buy a smart loudspeaker but don't know which one to bet, well, here we go to try to solve all your doubts.

Smart speakers that we will analyze are Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot, and Google Home and Home Mini.

What is the difference between Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot and Echo Spot

Sound quality

I dare say that no one is looking for a smart speaker only for virtual assistants, most people think of using it as a speaker, and want one that offers excellent sound quality.

If you want a speaker with the best quality and sound power, then you have three options, Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Google Home. In the case of the Amazon model, we will find that they carry two speakers, and the ones from Echo Plus are a little higher, but of course the difference will not be seen for most users, on the other hand Google Home also has two speakers They offer strong sound and bass well-defined.

It's difficult to choose winners among the 3 models, but if we have to do that maybe Echo Plus wins with its strength and quality, however, the sound offered by Google Home is very good, and only surpassed by very little compared to the best Amazon models.

This is probably because the sound of the Amazon Echo surrounds up to 360 degrees, so this surround sound offers a very good acoustic experience, but as I mentioned, if you choose Google Home, you will have high-quality sound with acceptable power and better defined seriously .

Good, good and cheap

There are also people who don't want to spend a lot of money on loudspeakers, but they want something good to listen to music in a room, well, for those customers there are two choices, namely the third generation Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

These small models don't stop our surprise for their quality, because with their only loudspeakers, they have the capacity to offer excellent sound, however, here Echo Dot exceeds the sound of Google Home Mini, once again we have to show that it's not a difference not abysmal, moreover it will be seen by many people, but the difference will be for those who are more special.

Where we have to congratulate the Amazon is that in addition to including Bluetooth technology such as Home Mini to pair other devices, Echo Dot has a 3.5 mm input jack to connect other speakers with cables.

Alexa vs Google Assistant

Although I say that many will not choose speakers solely for assistants, this one can have weight in the user's final decision, and at the moment there is a clear winner in Mexico.

The winner is Google's Assistant, not only because he has spoken Spanish longer, but also because he can do more than Alexa's current abilities.

It is important to clarify that Amazon has the ability to improve Alexa skills, but because this is an adaptation to our country, your skills will grow over time, and there is a possibility that the time will equal Google Assistant.

But for now, you can get more accurate information with Google Home, and thanks to the Assistant who also lives with us on our mobile, you will have the possibility to get more from it.

On the other hand, if you only want to know a number of things such as weather, traffic, lists to do, calendars, alarms and reminders, Alexa can make this request without problems.

Where Google also wins is that its assistant in Mexico is able to recognize several voices to offer information to each user based on what they know about them, while Alexa provides information from the main account to every user who asks.

It is important to mention that in the future this option will be activated for Alexa, but for now the company is still working on it.

Which is more suitable for the quality / price ratio?

Let's move on to very important elements such as prices, and for now the introductory cost of the Amazon Echo in Mexico is really a factor to consider, because we will save almost a thousand pesos in one of the models we want to get. .

This can be an opportunity if you want to get one of these speakers at a very convenient price, making Echo Plus the best of all devices on this list with a quality / price ratio.

If you ask me, I recommend Echo Plus for sound quality, design and therefore also have a built-in hub, so we need it sometimes to connect smart devices that need it. But if you use most of Google's services, and constantly interact with assistants, of course you will agree with Google Home, which also offers good sound quality and is compatible with leading smart home product manufacturers.

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