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On the week of January 14-20 highlights the news related to new delays from the hard ramifications of the network of Constantinople Ethereum. The maximum price of Bitcoin in the last 7 days is $ 3,757 and the minimum price is $ 3,572. In addition, in Chile and Spain, the agencies responsible for collecting taxes are standard adjustments for active crypto pegging.

This is news that impacted the crypto ecosystem last week:

  • Hardfork programmed from Ethereum, known as Constantinople, was postponed for the second time after the ChainSecurity company found a vulnerability in smart contracts, several hours after activation. A group of miners, about 10% of the Ethereum network hashrate, don't hear about timely cancellations and end up in the wrong block chain. At the end of the week, the main developer Ethereum decided to eliminate the EIP-1283 proposal, which contained defects, and activate the new version of Constantinople in late February, at an altitude of 7,280,000.
  • In Spain, the State Agency for Tax Administration plans to advance in get and analyze data from those who trade with cryptocurrency in that country. The aim is to have the data needed to implement tax regulations on this issue, which will be approved in 2019. For its part, Spanish financial regulators are included in the list of warnings for several digital currency companies, including the Airbit Club scheme.
  • The Chilean tax authority includes profits for digital currency exchange among income that must pay taxes. Starting in April, Chile will begin to declare these assets for income tax purposes, even though they are exempt from Value Added Tax.


  • This week the main Grin network is activated, cryptocurrency focuses on privacy and scalability. That the second uses the MimbleWimble protocol, along with Beam, which was launched on January 3, 2019.
  • Icorating investigation into cyber security home exchange cryptocurrency reveals that only 21, out of 135 crypto-bags evaluated, offer an optimal level of protection against cyber attacks.
  • Runescape player, Sick Nerd, received an anonymous 20 bitcoin donation when broadcasting live videogame games. The amount is equivalent to more than 70 thousand dollars, at the time of donation.

Even when the bearish market for cryptocurrency is maintained, the development of ecosystem technology continues to increase. Progress in the Lightning network, which already has more than 5,500 public nodes and 20,000 payment channels, opens an important scalability perspective for bitcoin by 2019. Proposals to improve the Ethereum network, have their community consensus, and two new currencies born with a focus on privacy and equivalence.

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