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Palestino does not want to come to Maracaibo to play with Zulia FC

Palestino, Zulia FC's rival in the second round of the Copa Sudamericana, did not want to come to Venezuela to play on Wednesday at "Pachencho" Romero, Maracaibo.

In a letter sent to Conmebol, the tetracolor group requested "immediately" to modify the inspection headquarters, reports Friday Espn.

In the letter they stated: "You must add the resolution adopted on Thursday by the Government of the United States, in connection with the suspension of all air flights to and from Venezuela."

In addition, they added that "it was also very difficult to get flight tickets from Santiago to arrive at Maracaibo, not only did the ticket costs increase, but the airlines delayed giving answers to North American decisions".

"Responding to the above, the risk for our delegation to arrive in Venezuela and return to Santiago in a reasonable time, adding to the risks that will be borne by our players and technicians while in the country, was asked to change the first leg headquarters to be played on 05/22/19 ", complete the document.

Finally, Palestino said in the letter: "We request that, as an urgent matter, relevant steps be taken before Conmebol so that the first leg of the Second Phase of the Copa Sudamericana against Club FC Zulia is set for 22/05, played in other countries near Venezuela. "

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