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Mickey Mouse spreads happiness Excelsior


After Universal's studio was abandoned with Oswald's rights, a lucky rabbit, Walt Disney decided to start his own company and ensure that the rights of one of the characters he created could be maintained. That's how, with Ub Iwerks, Les Clark and Wilfred Jackson, Disney began to develop new ideas.

It is a working month to develop new characters. A mouse inspires the most symbolic and acclaimed Disney character. So, 90 years ago Mickey Mouse He came to the cartoon world and remained forever in public affection.

On November 18, 1928, US cinemas played on their screens Steamboat Willie, the short animation by which Mickey Mouse made his big screen debut, catapulted him to world fame and made him a Disney studio icon and a spoiled character from its creator and company founder.

The Colony Theater in New York is a place where Mickey brings sound to the first short animations from the company and afterwards Crazy plane it is a brief presentation to investors. Only eight minutes are needed for mice shorts, sailor shoes and hats to conquer the hearts of the audience with whistles and cheerful skills to make music with everything that is.

Mickey Mouse's impact on popular culture is undeniable; this proof is an example Mickey: True Original Exhibition, which opened on November 8 as part of the celebration of 90 years of the world's most famous mouse.

In this exhibition, which takes place at number 60 on 10th Avenue in New York, it is worked on by more than 20 contemporary artists from around the world, including Daniel Arsham and Katherine Bernhardt, and also includes historical works inspired by Mickey made by legendary artist Keith Haring.

Picture of Haring, Untitled (Mickey Mouse) This is accompanied by a variety of original photographs of carefully selected artists, as well as some of the most famous Mickey Mouse works photographed by Tseng Kwong Chi.

Original and historical works are presented in more than a dozen themed rooms, all carefully curated and designed to highlight different chapters of the Mickey Mouse story.

The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to find decent moments to capture children such as the replica of the Steamboat Willie ship, a black and white cover scene from classic animated shorts, a transformative reinterpretation of The Sorcerer's Apprentice (The Shaman's Internship) the tape Fantasia and recreation from the set All New Mickey Mouse Clubs, 1990

Participants can also see collections Disney Archives, which includes iconic consumer products inspired by Mickey Mouse for decades, and the Oscar for the manufacture of Mickey Mouse, which was accepted on loan from the museum Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. The exhibition will be open to the public until February 10, 2019.

Also, as part of the celebration, Disney decided to pay homage to the character with a new portrait called Spreading Happiness Around the World (Spreading happiness around the world), made by veteran animator The Walt Disney Animation Studios, Mark Henn.

"The commission to paint Mickey's 90th birthday portrait is one of the biggest awards in my career. I want to capture the same style and young ideas that John conveyed in his portrait," Henn said last July, adding that this new portrait was inspired by portraits painted by John Hench.

The work presented at the San Diego Comic-Con, is the cover of the fall edition Disney Twenty Three, quarterly publications specifically for D23 members, the Official Fan Club of Disney.

Also the Ancient Mexican Toy Museum joins the Mickey Mouse celebration. This will be with lectures given by Johnny Carmona, marketers and drivers, who will share the importance and influence of Mickey in popular culture.

The influence of Mickey Mouse in popular culture is undeniable, therefore, brands such as Vans, Pull & Bear, Zara, Stradivarius, Mango, Forever 21 have decided to launch a collection of clothing and special shoes.

Also Mexicans Enrique García, Francisco Pinzón, Howi, Intrinsic, Pay & Simona, Obsidian Workshop and Plots design pieces of jewelry, sculptures, furniture, clothing and shoes.


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