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Mickey Mouse changed 90: the story of the most famous mouse in the world

Mickey Mouse, not only one of the most symbolic characters made by Walt Disney but has become a symbol of entertainment throughout the world. This November 18th, the most famous mouse in history changed 90 since his debut on television. His work has Walt Disney as the protagonist: during the trip he was made by train from New York to Los Angeles and after a failed business meeting, Walt turned Mickey on.

Walt himself said that he had traveled to New York to try to get money in order improve the quality of your character's image & # 39; Oswald & # 39 ;, lucky bunny. Unfortunately investors did not approve of their request. When he returned on the train, with his wife, to Los Angeles, He started making cheerful little mice with round ears. He baptized him as & # 39; Mortimer& # 39 ;, but when he arrived home, his wife Lillian told him that it was a name that was too grand, and suggested an idea to call him Mickey.

This is how this iconic cartoon was born, which is the symbol of the Disney company. From his first appearance on November 18, 1928 in the short film "Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Willie", the mouse that emerged from Walt Disney's imagination hasn't stopped growing in popularity and throughout its 90 years of life has collected many strange facts.

1 "Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Willie" He needed nearly 10 thousand designs for 7 and a half minutes. In this appearance (and until 1958), Mickey's voice is the voice of Walt Disney.

2. Between 1928 and 1934, Mickey is a black and white image and his first appearance in color in 1935 at short "The Band Concert".

3. In its nine decades of history the lines have been rounded up and modernized, but he always kept his big eyes, white gloves and toothless smile. Artists who spent most of their lives giving Mickey to the print strip Floyd Gottfredson, between 1930 and 1973. On television, the scriptwriters who wrote the most stories were Bill Wash, with 3,414 between 1943 and 1963.

4. Mickey is in charge of Walt Disney will win his first Oscar, in 1932, what is special is precisely because of his creation. He has appeared in more than 30 films and was the first animated character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in 1978.

5. In 1935, Walt Disney received a special medal from the United Nations because it has created Mickey, "a symbol of universal goodwill".

6 "Fantasia" (1940) no doubt the film that most identifies with the mouse, the film is considered a masterpiece but was not accepted by the public when it was released. Mickey is absent from a 30-year cinema, from "The Simple Things" (1953) to "Mickey & # 39; s Christmas Carol" (1983).

7 His last appearance in the cinema was short "Get a Horse!" (2013), a delicious story that mixes images of the first and most modern Mickey, made in 3D technology.

8 Miki forms together with Goofy and Donald trio of Disney's most popular characters, although in most of their adventures, they are accompanied by his girlfriend, Minnie, and by Pluto. But, so far, the person who appears with him most often is stupid, present at 15,913 publications.

9. Mickey lives in the city of Mickey, located in Calidornia, in the State of Calisota, located between California and Washington, in the US.

10. Since 1930 there have been All types of articles relating to Mickey and the most sought after by collectors was a 1939 watch whose handle was a rat's arm. Many artists have made it a model for their work. The most prominent, Andy Warhol, who made several series about his character. With information from EFE

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