McDonald's revealed how many Big Macs were sold in 2017 and the numbers could surprise more than one


The figures were revealed by BBC World, which indicates that this week the product is celebrating its 50th anniversary on the market. One of the strangest data, explaining the media, is that at the end of 2017 around 43 Big Mac burgers were sold per second.

Under this indicator, the company consolidates itself as one of the largest multinational companies in the world, ending 2017 with stores in 118 countries, serving an average of 69 million people every day.

However, even though the company maintains its leadership in the hamburger market, competition in the industry and changes in eating habits have resulted in McDonald's having to change itself.

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Therefore, for the next few years, they promised to continue to strengthen the Big Mac, but without putting aside a new segment that promises to improve its operations: breakfast, salads and vegan burgers.

It is important to note that BBC Mundo also revealed a chart showing the largest fast food chain in the world. Here is the picture:

(Source: Brand Finance)
Name Country Company value (US $ billion)
1. Starbucks USA Act 32.4
2. McDonald's USA Act 24.8
3. Subway USA Act 8.08
4. KFC USA Act 8.04
5. Tim Hortons Canada 5.03
6. Burger King USA Act 4.84
7. Domino Pizza USA Act 3.15
8. Pizza Hut USA Act 3.1
9. Dunkin & # 39; Donuts USA Act 2.67
10. Chipotle USA Act 2.54


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