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LeBron James took control of the Lakers

LeBron James is more like LeBron James in the past few weeks. Well, besides Tuesday night.

The score has gone up and the effect on the Los Angeles Lakers match has also increased. Not by accident, they have produced more. They have won seven out of 10, even after losing their 32 points to the Denver Nuggets.

Is it because he becomes more comfortable in his new environment? Of course, that might play a number of roles.

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Is it because his colleagues learn to play with him and vice versa? Without doubt

But that is not the real basis of that. What seems to make James back on track is he is back in his comfort zone playing again as a point guard. This has not been framed in this way, but that's what he did more and more as the season developed, and especially after Rajon Rondo was inactive due to a broken hand.

Because Rondo had to leave the game in Portland and then undergo surgery, James handled the ball almost a minute more per game than before, according to the Second Spectrum tracking data. This is a significant improvement because the Lakers have so many treasures where they push the ball in transition that the handling statistics of the ball may be a little crooked. During this time, James has increased his average rating by five points per game.

In fact, the statistics have increased in all fields, especially his shots, which have shot since Rondo left. The Lakers are profitable. Even "official owner of the ship owner". Lonzo Ball filled the lane with bribes and out of his shell at James's insistence.

Senior scouts have tracked the Lakers report that Ball is often unaware when James is in the game with him. Simply ask yourself whether this arrangement is really your destiny to play together in the future, especially if Ball is able to improve his external shot and show a good disposition to handle the ball, as he has done in the last few matches. The ball suffered a sprained ankle on Tuesday, which might temporarily deactivate it and added more ball handling tasks to James in the short term.

LeBron James has taken the role of 'de facto' ship owner for the Lakers JAKE ROTH / USA TODAY Sports

Maybe this is because having the ball and controlling the violations is the way James has been conditioned to play for most of the last 15 seasons. He has won MVP and titles which act as de facto point guards. It is what it is, even if it has a tendency to spend it mentally and physically at times.

James complained to Cavs management about the need to have more game makers on the list to ease this burden in recent years. Not because the Cavs coach and head office ignored it, it's just that all their data shows that they are better when James is the game's main creator. They regret / don't regret not taking the ball from him.

When James came to the Lakers, he enjoyed the idea of ​​being able to play more without the ball, using post skills and spending less energy in general. That was the idea behind the signing of Rondo and Lance Stephenson … will reduce James's need to do the same when making.

But because those who have been close to James for years will tell you, there is a James July version when he sits on the couch with a glass of wine and talks about the philosophy of basketball. And there is a mid-season version of James, who wants to win above everything and trust himself above all others to make it happen. As always, the last one has appeared as a piling game.

When Rondo was active and he and Ball broke down the duties of the shipowners, some of that had happened. When playing with Rondo, James has less ownership time in games than players like Zach LaVine and Jamal Murray. When Rondo came out, the time for handling James's ball depended on John Wall, Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul. Basically, where he has been for years.

And the post-up? James averaged half a shot of paint per game he did with the Cavs. It cannot be placed in the post because most of the time the Lakers counterattack or believe that James is the creator of the game on the offense.

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The scouts also realized that when James was a point guard, he rarely looked to the bench to receive a play call from coach Luke Walton. Even when he had seen them, the listeners said, he ignored them and executed the drama he liked. Walton had adapted, and now, when James ran the show, normally, Walton just let him call the game. Maybe this shouldn't be considered slippage, except that James is James.

In fact, Walton had done a good job limiting James' minutes and using the depth he had in the back line to try to lighten the burden so that James could be a little cooler. Now he averages 35 minutes, the lowest total in his career.

But Walton is still a little to find out how James feels comfortable in rotation. There was a match in Minnesota at the start of the season when Walton pulled James out with just five minutes of play in an attempt to set the rotation so that James could finish each set. James, subtly, confused.

In short, everything improved positively for the Lakers. James returned to his comfort zone, and whether in the original plan or not, he helped.

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