Wednesday , July 28 2021

Lara and La Guaira, will fight for other direct quotas to the 2019 Libertadores

The league's final series starts this Sunday, November 18, at 19:00, to meet with the other Venezuelan teams who will be in the Copa Libertadores de América group stage and Zamora rivals in the 2018 grand final of the season.

Deportivo La Guaira and Deportivo Lara won with the strength of the quality and strength of their graduation for this decisive example which would set up the first stage at the Metropolitan of Cabudare and be closed at the University.

Oranges and reds and blacks, come to this final after leaving in the path of the two most successful and internationally famous players. Deportivo Táchira and Caracas priori favorite FC to complete their series for quality on their payroll do not have good encouragement brought from the regular rounds and that allows them to enter with some slack in the octagonal phase.

Deportivo La Guaira, who appealed to the epic in the final duel with Táchira, took 0-2 on aggregate from the bottom, returned in just 20 minutes, and was sent byurinegro with a final overall 3-2, even remembering the 92th minute goal from Irribare Argentina who let go excitement from his beak. They have done it under the same conditions before Zamora, and have shown to be players who in the second time release all of their offensive artillery to fix the match, leaving opponents to make physical clothing.
La Guaira, hoping to keep his bow zero

The beach has experience of Vicente Suanno and César González, their references, but also around them appear Darwin Gómez and Heiber Díaz who take advantage of their youth to accompany risky steps, also supported by the support of Gavi Barreiro Paraguay and Irribare Argentina; The capital's defense zone is one that leaves more doubts, its Achilles heel since the departure of Giovanni Romero, and it can be further complicated by the absence of Francisco La Mantía and Arlex Flores yellow cards and will attract banks to replace them low. Venezuelan technician Daniel Farías has experience in this kind of thing and hopes to maintain group harmony.

At Barquisimeto, they celebrate, again Deportivo Lara has the option to enter international tournaments and because they don't aspire to stars that have been difficult to understand. And again under the technical direction of Leo González. Guaros "managed to move forward with their confrontation with Caracas Fc and they arrived in the same condition as their rivals.
The fans' support will be the key at Guara House

The game philosophy of the Larense team is based on maintaining a solid defense, placing a difficult fence to penetrate up to five defenders around the area of ​​goalkeeper Carlos Salazar so that they are hardly surprised, and from there forward the group builds offensive forces with counter-attack forces supported by Colombian Jesus Hernandez and Creole David Centeno.

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