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La Vinotinto closes 2018 against Iran in Qatar

November 20, 2018 1:18

La Vinotinto is in Doha, Qatar, where today he will play Iran for his second match from FIFA in November and the last in 2018, in an effort to end the year with a victory.

The national coach, Rafael Dudamel, held a meeting with the media before the engagement which will take place at 11:30 in the morning.

"The journey has been quite long, but our players are very motivated to play in Qatar against teams like Iran," said the strategist, who also commented that "arriving in Qatar has special meaning with 2022 in mind."

After being unable to attend the match against Japan, defender Wilker Angel joined the concentration in the Qatar region of Russia along with 13 other players who played in football in Europe.

"Today we have many players who live in the best leagues in the world and that allows us to increase our competitive level," he explained.

But it is clear that not everything remains in the fact that their players remain in the best league, but also bring all individual talents to benefit the collective in a common goal that will classify Venezuela to the World Cup for the first time in the story

"Now the task and the big goal is that all of our individual qualities can be brought to a large collective level and can compete in South American qualifications to get a place in Qatar 2022," said Dudamel.

There is no time to lose. Adding commitment to Iran, Vinotinto will add six friendly matches in 2018 and will continue to use the upcoming FIFA date to involve the group.

"It is not easy for Venezuela to get a friendly match. We are a year without playing before the World Cup in Russia and we consider that Iran is a good level choice that will demand a lot from us. This will enable us to continue our consolidation work," he said.

As for the final rivals of the year, the national coach said that his intention was to continue to compete internationally to arrive in the best way for the next tournament to be played.

"Maybe it doesn't have characteristics similar to the South American team, but the most important thing for us is to compete internationally together," he said.

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