Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott want another baby



After months of speculation about the beginning of what would become the second attack inward fatherhood from the pair formed by Kylie Jenner and Travis ScottIt seems both in love they have begun to work to provide space in their respective professional agendas and, in this way, can give maximum priority to the goal of expanding their families, which are currently only owned by small and adorable ones. Stormi (11 months).

"They want another baby, that's something they both have very clearly. Travis, who is currently on tour, but also Kylie They have begun cleaning their calendars for the next few months to plan the arrival of their second child. "They are determined to be parents faster than later," a source told the magazine. Person

As far as the far future is concerned, the rapper and television star they had indicated on that occasion that they would be very happy to cross the altar and thus formalize their commitment to life, but for now none of them would comment on the number of children who would form their descendants who might be expanded. .

"Kylie he had told his closest friends that he wanted to be a mother of a large family, like his sister Kim [[[[Kardashian]. He loves children and wants to have as much as possible. Travis He was happy with the idea, because he had never been happier than now Stormi in his life, "the same informant explained.


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