Saturday , June 19 2021

James Harden didn’t want to go to the Golden State Warriors to play Stephen Curry: Bill Simmons

The Golden State Warriors lost one of their best players in recent seasons. Klay Thompson broke his Achilles tendon and will not play the NBA for the second time in a row, which is why for many the Bay franchise is not a contender for the 2021 ring.

Must Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre Jr. y James Wiseman, among other things, did not seem talented enough to some experts, although Bill Simmons went to the end of the discussion. If something is missing for NBA experts, believes that Curry and James Harden will not be a match for the ring, even though this will be shared by La Barba.

According to the reporter for The Ringer, James Harden will veto trade to the Warriors, because there it’ll be the same stop at the Houston Rockets. I mean he’s going to be in a team where he can’t get the ring this season because there won’t be enough talent.

James Harden didn’t want to go to the Golden State Warriors

“Here’s the problem if you are Harden: you won’t win titles if they win, because Klay Thompson will be out this year,” said Simmons. “So you’re going to play Steph Curry and Draymond Green and you’re not going to win titles. You are in the same place as you are now. So he’s going to veto it … without Klay Thompson, he wouldn’t have convinced himself that. “, Simmons reported.

If the Golden State Warriors want James Harden, she had to give up all secondary talents so she could get Thompson, Curry and Green. The four, of course, would be invincible, although if a piece was missing at some point, this would not be and James Harden emphasizes that point.

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