Tuesday , May 18 2021

Instagram announces fake followers cleaning | ELESPECTADOR.COM

In the steps announced by Facebook, the company responsible for Instagram, it was announced that likes and comments from fake followers would also be removed.

Instagram He warned on Monday that he was tracking fake followers, "I like it" and comments generated by applications designed to make accounts look more popular than they really are.

This size occurs when Facebook, Mr. Instagram, trying to convince its users that they can trust the leading social networks and services.

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"Recently, we have seen that accounts use third-party applications to artificially improve their audience," Instagram said in a post.

"Starting today (Monday), we will begin eliminating & # 39; Like & # 39 ;, not authentic follow-up and comments from accounts that use third-party applications to increase their popularity," he said.

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Instagram uses a software program to help identify accounts that use the application and clean products from activities that cannot be verified as authentic.

Announce that notify users when needed to delete comments, followers, or "Like".

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You must remember that other social platforms are like Twitter, they have also taken this kind of action. For this company, having reliable conversations is the cornerstone of their organization, being a fake follower, and all they can do through fraudulent accounts, producing nonsense for the company's initial mission.

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