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If you have one of these 13 applications on your mobile, beware, they are viruses!

Google has removed 13 applications from Google Play store because they act as harmless games when they are truly viruses.

According to the NDTV report, all applications look like car or motorcycle racing games that can be downloaded for free, but in reality they are Trojan horses to introduce malware into mobile phones.

Even though Google removes these applications, those who have downloaded them still run the risk of their data ending in the wrong hands.

The applications that must be installed are as follows:

  • Luxury Car Traffic SUV
  • Car Driving Simulator
  • Extreme Car Driving Racing
  • Moto Cross Extreme Racing
  • Parking City SUV Parking
  • Extreme Car Driving City
  • Race Moto Traffic City
  • Extreme Sport Car Driving
  • Hyper Car Driving Simulator
  • Truck Cargo Simulator
  • SUV 4 × 4 Driving Simulator
  • Firefighter – Fire Truck Simulator
  • Luxury Car Parking

According to Lukas Stefanko, a security researcher at the ESET Internet product company, there are more than 560,000 fraudulent application downloads.

Stefanko said that they all have the same developer named Luiz Pinto and when users download the game immediately, the application icon disappears and is asked to download another application called Game Center whose function is only to control data and telephone systems.

Two of these applications appear in the Play Store trend section before they are deleted, according to NDTV. Google revealed in January that they had attracted more than 700,000 malicious applications from Play Store last year.

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