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Get your Bitcoin from the exchange on the "Proof of Keys" in 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) can disappear from mass exchange within two months, when the second annual Proof of Keys event is held.

In a Twitter post On November 5, the organizer of Proof of Keys, the Bitcoin Knowledge Trace Mayer podcast presenter, appealed to spread the message before the 3 January event.

Mayer challenges Bitcoin HODLers

Now in its second year, Proof of Keys is challenging Bitcoin HODLers to control their funds and stop using trusted third parties.

Under the slogan "They are not your key; this is not your Bitcoin", Mayer highlighted the frequent occurrence of currency foreclosures and foreclosures as an argument for investors to control access to the funds themselves.

"Many people do not want others to have their own private keys and make their own consensus on the network," he said in a promotional video recorded for 2019 Proof of Keys.

Participants are encouraged to add their support as part of their Twitter management first. That on January 3, the date of blocking of the origin of Bitcoin, withdraw all funds in cryptocurrency from the exchange wallet.

"Show reliability and consensus"

As Cointelegraph reports, novice cryptocurrency holders face the daunting task of choosing the best way to save their wealth.

Even the most famous exchanges remain open to attack, while alternatives like hardware wallets also continue to be the target of various criticisms as competition intensifies.

"This simple exercise costs little, maybe some transaction costs, but it proves ownership and strengthens network consensus. Companies and exchanges must demonstrate their reliability and consensus, "explains part of the description of the official Proof of Keys website.

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