Four cases of leprosy appeared – LA PRENSA DE MONCLOVA


Piedras Negras, Coahuila.- After four confirmed cases of leprosy were reported in Coahuila, Head of the One Sanitation Jurisdiction, Adalberto Peña de los Santos, ruled out a case in Piedras Negras.

One week after the World Leprosy Day, on January 27, Peña de los Santos indicated that it was a contagious, slightly contagious, chronic and systemic disease that affected the skin and peripheral nerves. At its initial stage it appears as a place that is not painful, but then develops into a more severe form.

This treatment is prolonged and offered to all patients completely free and with the possibility of healing.

The incubation period for leprosy is five years, but signs of disease can occur up to 20 years later.

In Coahuila, during 2018, there is only a list of four new cases, located in Torreón, Acuña, Cuatrocienegas and San Juan de Sabinas.


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