Falcao is excited to return to Madrid against Atlético


Colombian striker Radamel Falcao said on Tuesday he felt "a lot of emotion" in his return to the Atlético de Madrid stadium, which he left when the club "could not defend its players."

"It's always good to go back to the Atlético stadium, long without doing it, when I stay, memories will always come with me, rediscovering people from the club gives me a lot of excitement," said Falcao's press conference, wearing a red shirt and white between 2011 and 2013.

Falcao, who claims to have gone through all kinds of situations since he left Atlético, believes that since then "Atlético has been able to achieve stability as an institution that has allowed him to retain great figures who when he cannot do".

"This is another reality of the club no more, at that time it could not maintain players like the case of Agüero, Forlan and others," Falcao added, who cut the root of the question about his departure from the mattress team.

"I came here to talk about matches, not about the past," Falcao said.

"We have an important match tomorrow for Monaco, continuing the road of victory we achieved last weekend and having a positive result here will be good for confidence," the Colombian striker said.

The Monegasque team is the last of group A, with only a small chance of reaching the third position of the key.
Despite the difficulties of the meeting, Falcao said that "we are professionals and we are able to deal with all kinds of situations".

"We have to go to the field with the desire to do our best, try to beat Atlético and achieve positive results for us," Falcao said.

Monaco will rotate against Atlético with the inclusion of players from subsidiaries, where "our role as veterans is to give them the confidence to give 100% to the team," he concluded.


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