Fake officials killed Coronel del Fuerte Conopoima


Last Wednesday between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m., individuals armed with offensive clothing Cicpc killed Colonel National Guard, Henry Domingo Arellano Solano, head of the Integral Area Defense San Juan de los Morros, Guarico state

According to information, people intercepted it at the height of the Múcura sector in the municipality of Ezequiel Zamora, when he was on his Fortuner truck and under threat of death he was killed by the unit mentioned above.

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According to data provided by Johan José Estévez Gutiérrez, a witness, he traveled by super Dutty truck carrying a group of cattle, to Agropatria in Cagua from San Juan de los Morros, in his father's company, which traveled in other vehicles, the Fortuner model, white, AB200VF plates, with a friend named Yoraima David, and GNB Colonel Henry Arellano, who apparently, served as a military guard.

But at the height of the Múcura sector, the cashier, who traveled as a copilot, observed an alcabala and six people carrying firearms and black vests with the logo of Cicpc, who immediately told them to stop at his right, surrendered to the right. strict compliance without imagining that it is a group of organized criminals.
For now the criminals are moving with Hilux trucks, Toyota brands, white, without plates and high-cylinder KLR black motorbikes, as seen by witnesses.

Then, the uniform allegedly told military officers to get out of the vehicle, where they realized that the colonel was carrying a firearm and then the money was identified as an active official who showed his identity, so they could continue their journey.

However, people without thinking twice drew firearms and gave him several gunshot wounds on the top of the face of the Separate Defense Area's head, falling onto the sidewalk above a pool of blood and a few seconds later there were no more.
Next, the survivors boarded the truck where Jhoan Estévez Godoy (46), a rancher and Yoraima David, took them to an unknown destination.

On the way, the criminals decided to stop at El Tanque Villa de Cura sector and let Estévez leave on condition that he would seek $ 15,000 in cash to save the truck, also told him to wait for his call to the place where he would send circulation money. international.

Shortly afterwards, the criminals continued their journey and a few meters released the woman, assisted by passersby, who transferred her to Fuerte Conopoima in San Juan de los Morros, Guárico State.

Soon the victims condemned the murder and at around 11:00 a night the commissions from various security agencies moved to the scene, finding the bodies of soldiers lying in the asphalt layer

This site was attended by officials of the Cicpc Base Murder, who attached to Villa de Cura carrying out the corpse, which was transferred to Caña de Azúcar's morgue.


Before the regrettable loss of Colonel Henry Domingo Arellano Solano, immediately CICPC officials, led by Redip Central general director, Commissioner General Luis Ollarves and partner Miguel Plaza, Aragua delegates regional director, and Citizen Population Security secretary Juan Sulbarán and other office heads went to the location of the event, where specialists in the field re-inspect the site to obtain elements of criminal interest.

Professionals carry out the right planning and reconstruction facts, among other rigorous skills that are important for finding the identification and whereabouts of those involved.


Then several committees from the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Agency, led by Luis Ollarves, carried out police raids, with support from other state security agencies, in various sectors in the municipality Ezequiel Zamora carried out a series of attacks to look for those involved. in the murder. Until the closing of this edition is identification with a nickname. Material perpetrators of the death of the Colonel are expected to fall into the hands of the judiciary and report their criminal actions in the next few hours.



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