Wednesday , August 4 2021

Demolished band dedicated to smuggling lubricants in Anzoátegui – Correo del Orinoco

In a security operation carried out by officials from the Organized Crime Brigade of the Bolivarian National Police Corps (CPNB), the Los Boquetes criminal group was demolished, dedicated to smuggling and marketing illegal vehicle oil from Philippine ships.

The incident took place on El Mar street, Los Boqueticos sector in Sotillo Parish, municipality of Juan Antonio Sotillo, Puerto La Cruz.

The confiscation resulted in the arrest of seven subjects: Willi José Fuentes Silva (36), Yofrank José Gómez Fernández (21), Luis Enrique Leuche (36), Luís José Rodríguez Sánchez (40), Gerardo José Córdova Áreas (36), Derwin Jesús Zarfas ( 26) and Felipe Javier Lobaton Silva (36).

It is important to highlight that four of them were requested by the Police Information and Investigation System (Siipol), for various crimes such as murder and public robbery.

The uniforms managed to seize as proof of the estimated 100 liters of automotive oil and Yamaha models of 40 gray outboard motors.

This case is under the order of the Public Prosecutor's Office 12.


Like Ricardo Jesús Rodríguez Mundarain (22) and Antonio José Campo Figueredo (18), the subject was identified who tried to illegally sell 16 kilos of copper in the La Ponderosa sector, El Carmen's parish in the municipality of Simón Bolívar in Barcelona.

This case was ordered by the Prosecutor's Office No. 2.

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