Correo del Caroní – Uniforms are attacked with pellets and rifles against fishmongers from the Chirica market


Since Friday morning, there has been a riot at the fish market at the Chirica market in San Felix. Officials from the National Guard and City Police took place to expel fish sellers, who refused to relocate to the wholesale market. Uniforms attack with pellets, tear gas, and shots.

"There are all communities that benefit from our work, we want to work in our wholesale places where we have all our lives, they are 55 years old at the Chirica market (…) they want to take us to the unsuitable part, to Insopeca ( The Institute of Fisheries and Socialist Cultivation) said they were in no condition, "said Dorimar Vargas, president of the Fish Craftsmen Association.

He appointed the Management Secretary of the Citizens' Office of Caroní, Roy Quiaragua, and Secretary of the Caroní Economic Management, Yasmín Chaurán, to order attacks on tenants.

"They attacked us and started shooting. A sergeant shot me practically from close range, then they attacked fish trucks, they broke four with shots," said Jesús García, one of the injured traders with pellets on his chest.

At least five people were wounded by gunmen in uniform, to drive fish sellers from the Chirica market. They criticized that children were also injured William Urdaneta Pictures

"We want the mayor to speak, to give us a good answer about why he wants to drive us out. We have worked here for years because from generation to generation, here our parents and grandparents work (…) we have a truck full of fish and we can't work. We are not criminals, we are working fathers and mothers, or do you want the mayor to have a little street gang? ", Lashed Carmen Morillo, a shopping center worker.

Caroní board member Aida González said that both Quiaragua and Chaurán had been summoned three times to the Municipality Room, to deal with the seller's problems at the Chirica market, but they had not yet been presented, so the majority agreed to sanctions for both, which meant new calls and examples other.

The seller stated that the wholesale market was not activated for work, they stated that they lacked water, bathrooms and security. There were 65 associate members, each with four workers, not including the indirect (bag sellers, charters, coffee sellers, among others), so they estimated that more than 300 people were affected.


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