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Caught involved in demolition of CICPC

The Lara Press | Agency– Official from National Guard captured on a path that connects the Venezuelan city of San Antonio del Táchira with La Parada in Colombia to a man identified as Leovardo Pulgar Sánchez, associated with murder and deduction an official of the Scientific and Criminal Investigation Corps (CICPC) and his colleagues, in fact happened Wednesday, November 21.

It is thought that Pulgar Sánchez tried to move from Venezuela to Colombia across the Táchira River, under the International Bridge of Simón Bolívar and there he was intercepted by uniformed men, who, when making physical examinations, found automatic weapons.

The man was taken to the detachment 212 headquarters of the military component mentioned where it was stated that Pulgar Sánchez had a Glock gun, two porters uncovered, an identity card from Bolivarian National Armed Forces with the rank of captain on behalf of Leovardo Jose Pulgar Sánchez, permission to carry weapons emitted by weapons and management of explosives was also in the name of Pulgar Sanchez Leovardo José, among other objects.

When the men's data was reviewed from the Comprehensive Police Information System, they realized that Pulgar Sánchez was requested by the 3rd state control court Barinas for crimes of intentional premeditated murder, theft of motorized vehicles and associations to commit crimes according to the causes of SP03-2018-0025, related to the double murder of Leyrri Osmar Bauter Ramírez, a CICPC official and Albayearling Tiapa Méndez.

Information source: El Nacional.

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