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Avenger: Endgame will soon arrive at the cinema and Marvel leaving everything ready for the big premiere. This film will close the cycle for many people from previous films, the most commented on is Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and the old Avengers. Well, a recently filtered toy will give us a hint about that.

Hawkeye You will see them as bad Avenger 4. New toy line from Hasbro have important details about what this hero will be needed at Avenger: Infinity War. All of them showed that he would be the victim of severe damage from Thanos's cracks.

Action figure from Clint Barton in accordance with the Roninwhich leaves a bow and arrow Hawkeye go find what looks like bloody revenge. Remember that Barton appears on the trailer Avenger 4 in the middle of the Asian environment in front of the corpses of the supposed gangsters.

Details of the mask Ronin in toys Hasbro remember version Ultimate Hawkeye in comics Marvel & # 39;Ultimate& # 39 ;, which was published from 2000 to 2015. In comics, when Black Widow Ultimate betray Ultimate to join an international criminal group called The Liberators, family Clint Barton Slaughtered. This makes Ultimate Hawkeye Start wearing a black mask for revenge.

If we transfer this logic to Avenger 4, we can hope that Clint Barton using the same mask because of the death of his family after Thanos's gap in Avenger: Infinity War.

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