An uncertain future for the Granada Poetry Festival


The XIV Granada International Poetry Festival (FIPG), a literary meeting scheduled to be held between 11 and 17 February 2018, may not be done because of the political crisis that is being experienced by our country.

The poet Francisco de Asís Fernández, president of the FIPG, confirmed this at the end of the month we need to analyze and decide what we will do. "We don't want to dare to do or not do it lightly, needing to decide what is best for the good of all," he said.

"If there is a reality here that the Nicaraguans do not recognize something lively in this situation, therefore, we are afraid that all the love that people have for us can turn into a festival refusal if we do not respect so many dead people, imprisoned and disappear ", he maintained.

On the other hand, Fernandez stressed that he was very sick and depressed, "I could not sleep, I had fainted several times and I had to lift up. The reality of this country made me a lot of damage.

The XV edition of the festival will be dedicated to Nicaragua's María Teresa Sánchez and in her remarks to Panamanian writer Rogelio Sinán.

The FIPG issued a statement calling on the Republican Government, State power, the armed forces and the National Police in particular, as well as civil society organizations, political parties, the Church, among others, to restore national dialogue.

"The call is to contribute to the creation of a climate of tolerance and peace, to end the criminalization of protests, to stop the persecution, imprisonment and justice of people and organizations who oppose and criticize the Government, to stop the mechanism of control of business and commercial activities, guarantee press freedom and reduce tones communication offensive, to enable national dialogue, understanding and understanding, "read the statement.

Likewise, they asked to stop all actions against bishops, priests, religious and pastors, in addition to what they considered very important "the release of all political prisoners".

"The great brotherhood of national and international poets from the Granada International Poetry Festival, we believe that it is never too late to shake hands as Nicaraguans; build fruitful bridges of dialogue to continue to live peacefully under the same blue and white sky of the country and thus can sow together in our fertile land, seeds of leafy trees of peace, "they exclaimed.


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