Alonso advanced in the free trial


Shanghai.- The second free training session with rain as the protagonist, made Fernando Alonso as a figure to dominate in the second time with the best time of the afternoon on the second day of the 6th Shanghai Hour, the final test of 2019 in the World Championship. Resistance

The Spaniard gave the chest with the Toyota Hybrid TS050 number eight and left with a lead of 0.245 in the top two Japanese cars, where the best time for Kazuki Nakajima, with 2: 02,504, almost an hour earlier, showed the Marca newspaper.

Fernando Alonso came out at the end of the manga, at the same time as Lopez and left a better record of 2: 02,833, in a relay where his twin car felt superior in terms of speed, despite the possibility that his tire life wasn't even.

Toyota prefers to give two main relays to Japanese pilots, with the highest activity for Nakajima in cars 8 and Kobayashi at 7. In this duel, the racing speed is clear for Alonso's car, which rolls over and over and over. at 2:03 a.m., with 2:04 other hybrid cars on the grid.

The big surprise of the day was the Rebellion Racing (not a hybrid) that was trialed by Laurente, Beche and Menezes, who came to be the first in the first half hour with 2: 02,673 and not detached from second place by Pechito, until they were not lost more than four minutes to the end.

In race speed don't worry about Toyota, from those who follow seconds.
Pastor in seventh place
Experienced Venezuelan driver Father Maldonado, member of the Naga Speed ‚Äč‚Äčteam, in the LMP2 category, was placed in the seventh general box after completing 36 rounds to the circuit.

The Maldonado-Gonzalez-Davidson team, in charge of the 31 prototype Dragon Speed, came from conquering the Pole Position of the Six Hours of Fuji, celebrated last October and now they are betting on constant performance over the weekend to bring victory


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