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You can get new Alfa Romeo in some of the best colors of the 1970s


All images: Alfa Romeo

Just because car buyers seem to think like that shades of boring grayscale is the only right color to paint a meaningless car Alfa Romeo agree with the trend. In fact, Stelvios and Giulias are only equipped in some of the best reminiscent 1970s colors, and I'm here for that.

You heard that right, friend. If you have ever wanted Alfa in Visconti Green, Junior GT Ocher, or Villa d 'Este 6C Red (read: green, gold, and red forest), then 2020 will be your year. In fact, marque has introduced four different groups of paints, and one of them is called Old Timers – the perfect color to take you back to the lovemaking room with carpet-style love-making.

What other paint group, you ask? Alfa, Alfa pers conference have the answer:

There are four categories: Competitor, with clear references to the sporty traditions of the brand; Metal, which emphasizes the dynamic soul of the brand; Solid, for those who are seeking accessible value; and Old timer, which evokes and interprets Alfa Romeo's legacy.

"Old Timer" is certainly the most unattractive name for all groups (and … leaving a lot to be desired in general), but I, for one, am quite excited that Alfa actually makes it a point to listen back to good times , however unlucky that name is.

I know we have all about green here at Jalopnik lately, but I must say, ocher is my favorite. There's nothing as classy as a nice and handsome gold-chocolate that doesn't look like you're trying to show off your gross wealth too annoying. It's retro, it's fun, and most of all it looks very good.

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