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Teresa Giudice Acting Cagey About Other Times She Will See Her Husband

Giudice is probably living comfortably in Italy now
, but many of his own
personal life remains in the air. Ex-TV reality personalities can't
traveling freely to all the world first, he didn't know when he would see it
next family, and it looks like the marriage is on life support. Teresa
sat down to discuss the state of his marriage and his plans to lead
to Italy again, and the answer has made many fans believe the couple's relationship
officially ended. Fans will probably know where the couple stands, Thanksgiving,

Teresa advised her daughter
maybe traveling alone to see their father

Teresa doesn't seem to jump
on the opportunity to return to Italy in the near future. TV personalities sit for
an interview with Entertainment
and discussing her plans to visit with her husband again. Teresa,
However, it is quite reluctant to determine a concrete date. He noted that his daughter might leave
returned to Europe to hang out with their father during Thanksgiving. Will he be present or not
above the air.

Teresa Giudice attended the opening night of BravoCon 2019
Teresa Giudice | Pictures of Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

Gia Giudice, the oldest of the couple's four daughters, is currently enrolled at Rutgers University. He is a freshman at the New Jersey campus, and will likely only have a few days off to fly to Italy. Her younger sisters, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana, are all enrolled in schools in the United States. They will all likely return to class on Monday after the holidays. It is unknown where Teresa will spend the holidays if the girls go to see their father.

Why does Teresa stay?

When asked about plans for him
Next visit, Teresa was deflected. He noted that he might or might not accompany
the girls on the next trip, and claim it all boils down to what has happened
work While Teresa has been busy holding the fortress financially ever since
Joe went to prison many years ago, he did not have a traditional job. In
in short, the reason it works seems to be just that, reason.

Joe and Teresa's previous reunion
this month is suspected of not going well, and a
insiders claim the couple did nothing but argue when they were together
Images shared on social media are also uncomfortable. Even exist
not a single picture of a couple standing next to each other. It is true
what they say; a picture says more than a thousand words. Any old school
fan Real Housewives from New Jersey will remember how physical it is
couple first. That
lack of affection in the photo indicates that there is a serious problem

Is this proof that the couple
marriage is over? ‘

It is not surprising if the marriage
between Teresa and Joe Giudice was in trouble. Besides, the couple hasn't
in the same room together for years, and pressure from each other's prison duties
clearly took his victim. During the bomb interview, the couple accused each of them
other affair. Teresa said she was sure Joe was cheating when he was behind
bar in 2015.

Meanwhile, Joe insists he is
loyal, but he did not believe his wife. He claimed that Teresa had
stepped out ever since he reported to prison in 2016. Teresa
has been seen with men who are much younger for months
, and many believe them
is an item. Teresa insisted she was only friends with a 26-year-old estate
plantation developer.

Teresa has been fickle about her marriage and future for months, but many fans took her statement recently as proof that she would file for divorce in a short amount of time. The mother of four may just be waiting for Joe's deportation case to be decided before taking any action. One thing's for sure, Teresa doesn't seem to be interested in seeing Joe anymore, it's unknown whether those feelings are mutually beneficial.

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