Stella Maxwell Victoria & # 39; s 2018 Secret Fashion Show


Stella Maxwell still feels the same energy and excitement as she did when she walked at Victoria's Fashion Show's first Secret, but 2018 marks the fifth day. "Every time I do it, it feels like the first time," Stella said when I visited her on the first day, a few days before she took the runway. "I always appreciate that every outfit is styled and chosen for every particular girl. I always feel like my piece is right for me. [The VS team knows] & # 39; Oh, Stella will like it! & # 39; and & # 39; It will look good on his body, & # 39; "he told me when we admired the peach wings, rose-gold wings made by Paris artist Janaïna Milheiro for him from the start.

Janaïna actually thought they might design her favorite wings, even though this year alone, she made 11 pairs. As soon as Stella watched them, I could prove the fact that she really lit up the room. I watched Janaïna play with the feathers surrounding the heart-shaped wire on Stella's back, and I talked to her about how she dreamed of this extraordinary masterpiece. Up front, glimpse behind the scenes of Victoria's Secret clothing from start to finish, find out how Stella broke away with pizza and friends right now, and learn what she did with her post-runway lingery.


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