So far the villain.


Bachelor season 23 has just begun. But some criminals have begun to bow their heads. And with criminals, we're not talking about Disney magicians or villains. Not, Bachelor criminals are far more evil.

Every year, Bachelor placing between 20 and 30 girls in a shared house. With so many people in one house, there must be some people who don't like each other. But watching the girls politely disagree is not at all pleasant. So, every year the producer chooses a girl and actually plays every fight she has with the other players.

We are not sure how many of these fights are organic and how much is regulated by producers, but one thing is certain, Bachelor Will not be half attractive without good criminals. So who is season 23 villain?

Catherine Agro

There are some things that happen at night one of them Bachelor. Lead selects people who make the best impression on them and gives them a first impression of going up. But most importantly, on the first night, criminals began to appear.

This year, these criminals are dog lovers and residents of DJ Catherine Agro.

At first, Agro seemed harmless. He even took his dog to the mansion. But soon, he began to display traits that would make him a challenger for criminals this season.

On the first night of the show, women were always competing to get the attention of the leader. Because there is so little time, they often have to interfere with each other to steal tin for a little time together. Stealing tin is once preferred but is still accepted at Bachelor soil.

Agro stole Colton Underwood's bachelor from another girl four times in one night. Other girls were clearly not too happy with their behavior and began to oppose it.

For Burnett's sake

In most seasons, there is one clear villain. But this season, there have been two women competing for the title. For the sake of Burnett also began to show some tendencies like criminals.

There are unspoken rules in Bachelor the world that contestants don't kiss leaders in front of each other. With more than 20 girls dating the same man, this rule helps keep things from becoming too awkward.

Well, no one told Burnett about this rule or he just didn't care because on the first group date, he found an opportunity to kiss Underwood in front of other girls on that date.

But the evil way doesn't stop there.

On the night of group dates, Burnett stole Underwood for some time alone. When he returned from his conversation with the bachelor, he took the coveted group date.

This may not be a problem for most people, but it is deep Bachelor the world, everything will explode out of proportion.

Rising up Burnett coupled with the fact that he is clearly not afraid to step on people's feet makes him a great candidate to be a villain this season.

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