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'Sketch' SNL ' Putting Bad Spotlight on Sara Lee Desserts


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Sara Lee gets free publicity at Saturday Night Live over the weekend, but maybe not what he wanted. As a result, people flood the comments section of the company's Instagram account with obscene and sex-themed comments. As Slate explained, the error lies in this sketch. In it, Harry Styles plays the role of social media manager Sara Lee who mistakenly posts adult-themed comments and photos under the Sara Lee Desserts brand. Now people post the same comments, such as "feeling very depressed after three of them" and "destroy me, father," on company products, like that.

The parent company of this brand initially claimed to be "thrown a little" at HuffPost. "We did not delete any comments but hid them temporarily until we could read and understand what was happening," he said in a statement. "All comments can now be seen, and we will monitor everything that violates Instagram standards." Sara Lee also explained to New York Post that it doesn't participate in sketching. "But, we all know SNL pushed the envelope to laugh and we took it calmly. "(Read more SNL stories.)

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