Monday , July 26 2021

Scientists have discovered the mysterious ancient Antarctic continent

Ученые обнаружили под Антарктидой загадочные древние континенты

The European space agency reported the findings. For tens of millions of years below Antarctica are the remains of continents.

These facts are known based on working longer for the European space satellite GOCE. Are United data and technological parameters, which make it possible to create three-dimensional maps of the lithosphere of the earth (consisting of crust and liquid mantle).

Below Antarctica found the remains of Gondwana.

In the report, scientists said: "In East Antarctica, we see a" mosaic "of geological features. This map shows the basic differences between planetary crust below Antarctica and other continents. It is believed that Antarctica was part of another continent 160 million years ago. That is Gondwana supercontinent, which began to break 130 million years ago. Between Australia and Antarctica is a relationship that remained 55 million years ago. And finding rocky zones are remnants of the Gondwana continent, they provide information about the structure of the modern continent on Earth. East Antarctica in mountainous compositions such as India and Australia. We will more closely study the interaction of plate tectonics and the dynamics of the inner coat. "

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