San Diego representatives were accused of carrying out criminal attacks after the arrest of the father-son recorded in the video


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By Doha Madani

Two deputies with the San Diego Sheriff's Office faced minor assault charges after a video circulating on social media from the aggressive arrest of a father and child in Vista, California sparked public outrage.

The San Diego District Attorney's Office filed an assault charge Tuesday against Deputy Nicholas Morgan and Joshua Nahan to arrest people made on May 7 when there was domestic violence.

Allegations have come after months of internal investigation and community pressure.

In a video posted on Facebook by a neighbor, one of the deputies could be seen hitting Geraldo Martinez Jr., behind his head when he was detained. Another representative was in the video that slammed Martinez's father's head first into the wooden fence.

"Right now, we have cowboys riding around North County doing whatever they want," Darwin Fishman with the San Diego Racial Justice Coalition said at a news conference Tuesday. "Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg."

Fishman claimed Tuesday that San Diego stood out because of a lack of accountability for its officers. He called the accusations against deputies "an extraordinary step" and praised the public for encouraging officials about the case.

"Shortly after we came out and made protests and demonstrations, usually nothing was done at all, there was no pressure," Fishman said. "Even this little step, we know that the DA and the sheriff's office department won't even do this unless we have done the work we have done – and they feel the pressure to do it."

Morgan, 27, could face two years in prison for two gross violations of the number of attacks without legal necessity by an officer. Nahan, 31, only faces one year for one count of the same charge. The two men will be tried on Friday at the San Diego High Court.

"Law enforcement officials hold positions of trust in our community and are required to comply with the rules in the exercise of their power." District attorney said in a statement. "The evidence underlying the allegations shows the power used by the two deputies exceeded the legal limit, violated that public trust. For justice to develop, it is important that no one is above the law."


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