Rebel Wilson Blocked Black People on Twitter that Disagree with Him


Rebel Wilson attended the 2018 InStyle Award at The Getty Center on October 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Before this weekend, I had never really noticed Rebel Wilson.

I knew he was there and had a glimpse of him in several ways. I know enough to know that the schtick, which is used to playing fat, is funny, ridiculous or ridiculous in white comedy, but in my mind, he's not as funny as Melissa McCarthy, so I don't pay too much attention to it.

Last week, he appeared on my radar again when I saw a tweet quoting him proclaiming himself to be the first plus-sized woman to play a leading role in romantic comedies.

Wilson will star Unromantic, the film will be released on Valentine's Day 2019 which has been billed in several places as a rom-com parody.

"I am proud to be the first plus-sized girl to be a star of a romantic comedy," Wilson told Ellen during a visit to the show last week.

* needle scratches *

You can imagine my surprise. We have all seen Last holiday, Only Wright, Beauty shop and all episodes Living Single the episode where Queen Latifah – as Khadijah James – is the object of love for men such as Morris Chestnut, Cress Williams, and Bumper Robinson. He was there and did it.

Mo'ique is already there too. One of the funnier and sweeter films was called Phat Girlz, and the whole premise is that larger women seek love.

None of these films go directly to video. Even if Rebel Wilson hasn't watched it, he should know about them, so why he will make the statement he does is anyone's guess – but he does it.

When a tweet citing it appeared, a number of black women offered corrections and showed that Latifah and Mo'ique were there first. Rebel Wilson ignores everything.

When he finally responded to the urge, it was a white woman. A white woman, I can add, is one of my followers and basically says the exact same thing I said minus the part where I say it is an example of the elimination of work done by black women. Same message. The same tone.

"I love @RebelWilson just like the next girl, but she is not the first plus-sized woman who plays a major role in romantic comedies. Queen Latifah and Mo'Nique have both played romcom leads, "wrote the user @Halfapintdoll.

Wilson responded to his tweet and he doubled himself saying, "Hey girl! Yes, of course I know about these films, but it should be questioned, whether: 1. Technically, the actresses are plus sizes when recording the films or 2. Technically they are confirmed / billed as rom-com studios with a single edge. So there is a little gray area. "

When is there a question whether or not Queen Latifah and Mo'ique are considered plus sizes? They both identify as plus-sized women. Mounique's entire comedy career, at first, was based on her size. How are there questions, and more importantly, who question it?

As for whether their film is billed as a rom-com studio, it is a matter of race and the way the film with a predominantly black style is categorized in Hollywood in general – and that is the topic for different rant.

Suffice it to say that the only "gray area" is one in Rebel's mind and other white minds who basically believe that the work of black women is not counted in Hollywood — because that is what leads to.

After Rebel doubled his nonsense, black women continued to try and educate him about where he was wrong. It would be very easy to just say, "You know what, my mistake. I spoke wrongly. "That would be too true.

Instead, Rebel chose to continue to erase the sound of black women – at least from their names and timelines – by blocking them if they dared to talk to him about his comments.

That's the way to put them in their place. This continues throughout the weekend. The black woman reached out to her and she immediately blocked them. When white women extend words basically the same thing, he answers politely, if there is one, but he does not deter them.

Playwright Claire Willett wrote a passionate thread on Twitter that lovingly explained to Rebel where he was wrong.

"So you are frustrated that it seems that color women are trying to reduce your performance and how big this role is for you, and you stop their efforts to explain why, which is not a good appearance for someone trying to build solidarity among plus-sized women, "Willett wrote.

"I think it breaks hair a little to talk about the way movies are billed / categorized, because it's a very industry-insider standard that doesn't always have a connection to how AUDIENCES mentally view or categorize various types of films, so let's skip it," Willett continued .

Wilson responded to Willett and said "Great points honey, thank you for addressing movies in the right forums. I all support plus size women and I work very hard to do it. I never want to harass anyone."

Strange because Wilson said he didn't want to harass anyone, but he continued to block black women who said the same thing to him in the same tone.

He blocked black women except for Moique, who also contacted him on Twitter.

"Hey my sweet sister. Let's not let this business erase our talent by providing gray areas and technical problems. Take a moment and know the history. DON'T BE A PART OF PRODUCING IT. I wish you all the best, "Mounique wrote.

"Hi Monique, there has never been my intention to erase other people's achievements and I adore you and Queen Latifah so much x I support all plus size women and all the positive things we do together," Wilson replied.

His words and actions didn't match. On Monday morning, he had blocked so many black and brown people, it was a big match to see who he would block next.

If Rebel Wilson is really about increasing all plus-sized women, he won't do his best to mute those who don't have the same skin color as him.

Blocking all the black and brown sounds that tried to reason with him on Twitter showed the true intentions behind his first comment Ellen and subsequent comments on Twitter.

Rebel Wilson doesn't think that black and brown women are big. They are not included in the same category as him. They are different, and in their eyes, they must be treated like that.

And that's what he did.

It's hard to understand how he could think this would bode well for his new film. He destroyed all good intentions towards him with his disgusting actions now. This has turned out to be a very dramatic 72 hours for him, and it's getting worse because he keeps making it worse.

He did all this and built a name and bad reputation for himself in the process.

All for apologizing to too many black women.

For shame.


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