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Real quotes from Tesla Solar Roof V3 show prices drop by 40%

Electrek obtained a renewed Tesla Solar Roof quote from V2 to V3 and it shows that the price of solar tiles fell by as much as 40% with the new generation.

On Friday, Tesla launched version 3 of Solar Tile, now also known as Solarglass, and it saw a significant price reduction through optimization and faster installation.

Earlier this year, a reader sent Electrek the actual quote that Tesla submitted to him for his home in the Bay Area and that gave us our best view on the details of the cost of the Tesla solar roof, all the hardware that came with it, and the installation for previous generations.

For a 9.45 kW system on a 1,862 square foot roof, Tesla is charging $ 64,634 for a solar roof, along with $ 10,050 for Powerwall, and $ 10,630 for roof and site repairs. The total is just more than $ 85,000 in all.

The homeowner finally did not order the system, but Tesla has now renewed the offer after the launch of the Solar Roof V3 and is now much cheaper.

Tesla now lists the same solar roof system at $ 38,266, not $ 64,634 – a 40% reduction in price – and the total drops to $ 54,866:

As we reported on Friday, the Solar Roof V3 Tesla starts at ~ $ 34,000 for an average home with a 2,000 square foot roof.

This quote is a bit more expensive even though the roof is a little smaller, but the roof has a lot of special equipment and the ratio of tiles to solar cells with the title without solar cells is really high – resulting in a solar system that is relatively strong for the size of the roof:

The overall price of the entire system with installation and Powerwall is 36% cheaper with new V3 solar tiles.

The company links cost reduction with streamlining the installation process which will reduce the work hours needed to complete the roof.

When he first launched the Tesla Solar Roof, Tesla said that it took roughly the same amount of time to install a solar roof as a tile roof installation, which usually takes 5-7 days.

Earlier this year, we reported that the installation of the Surya Tesla Roof still took around 2 weeks, which added to the cost of the product and made it difficult to measure.

Now the company is investing a lot in reducing that time and they think it could eventually go down to one day with the new Solar Roof V3.

Tesla also designs new special equipment, ventilation, and skylights to integrate with better solar roofs and reduce the manufacture of special parts at construction sites:

Electrek has heard from several prospective Solar Roof buyers who say Tesla has reviewed their quotes since the launch of the V3 and the new prices are now much more attractive.

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, is optimistic that the new version of Solar Roof will make products ready for primetime.

He said that the company would quickly increase production to 1,000 roofs per week.

Electrek's Take

That's an impressive cost reduction and I agree with Elon; now an important product.

I know people will say that it's still expensive, and rightly so, but when you look at the cost of a new premium roof, not asphalt roof, plus the cost of solar arrangement, it's actually very competitive.

Then solar tile offers its own advantages.

That is subjective, but I would argue that the Tesla Solar Roof is far more aesthetic than a roof with solar panels.

There is also the potential for Tesla tiles to be more durable, but it will take time for them to confidently prove it.

Meanwhile, buyers must rely on Tesla's 25-year guarantee, which is competitive in the roofing market and the solar industry.

If you decide to buy a Tesla Solar Roof V3, please don't hesitate to contact us if you are willing to document the process. That will be interesting.

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