Premergason Premiere Midseason Has a Big Twist for Kara and Alex


Kara experiences some serious heartbreak at Super womanReturning midseason back.
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Since Super woman began, his heart was centered around the most important relationship in Kara Danvers's life – not his superhero duty in the shadow of his cousin, not his countless love interests, but the bond he shared with his adoptive sister, Alex. Now, the relationship has undergone major changes.

The main theme for this season Super woman has become … say less smooth comments about xenophobia and bigotry, as a Sir-Clear-Not-MAGA-chud Liberty Agent inflame the flames of hatred and distrust of Supergirls and aliens in general at the end of the middle season, which leads to a rather bad situation where not only Supergirl disputes DEO (makes Alex's work much harder), but Kara has been forced to suddenly and violently face the fact that her secret identity is still very important outside the circle of close friends.

His rather funny considering how fully and truly lethargic the event has been for most of the three and a half seasons so far when it comes to how to treat Kara's secret identity. I mean, of course, there maybe scientific evidence that the age of "behaving politely and wearing specifications" disguises him and Clark can work. But these people have been shouting Kara's name in Supergirl's general direction for a long time, so it's a bit crazy that "Suspicious Thoughts" we want to believe that only a handful of DEO agents really know that Kara Danvers are Supergirl. But this episode made it work – if with arbitrary arrogance – by making Alex and Kara have to face a terrible and heartbreaking choice.

After the new DEO boss, Colonel Haley revealed to Alex that he realized his sister was really Girl of Steel, the Danvers children called J & # 39; onn to erase Haley's memory of the revelation, buying around 15-20 minutes of peace, when Haley who was moved thought that he would bring super duper aliens who could force the truth out of anyone, and use it to interrogate all DEO staff about Supergirl's identity. Knowing that they cannot defeat the abilities of aliens, agents who know Kara's identity all agree to erase their memories by Jonn to avoid releasing his secrets … including Alex.

Kara and Alex are still brothers, but one big thing that has strengthened their bonds for years is no longer now.
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This is a very tragic moment for Kara, which was played with soft and heartbreaking perfection by Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh when Alex wrestled with the idea of ​​no longer sharing the secrets his sister had shared with them since they were children. Kara and Alex will remain brothers after J & # 39; onn works on his human magic on Mars, but the bonds that have been forged by the two sisters are built on Kara who has let Alex enter his beautiful super world. And, in an interesting moment, this presents a layer of extra tragedy for the storyline that we saw Kara skipping in "Elseworlds, Part 3" —which at the time felt like an arbitrary dramatic padding layer – where he found himself in a change . the fact that Alex is there, but actually not his sister. While alt-Alex from "Elseworlds" was easily convinced to help Kara, Kara knew she couldn't do that with her sister now without threatening their lives.

So "Suspicious Minds" ends with a handful of DEO Agents who once knew who Supergirl really erased their brains – with Alex surviving, Kara's good fortune and the event itself that could witness when the credit was cut. How long will you say? Super woman will make the dramatic evolution of Alex and Kara's relationship work – and what the impact might be when or even if Alex learns again who his sister is behind glasses. But for now, more than that since the first show began, Supergirl's secret identity is actually very important.


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