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Popular superstar main list permanently moves back to NXT?


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29 Nov 2018, 11:49 IST

Is this the beginning of the mass transfer of talent from the main list to NXT?
Is this the beginning of the mass transfer of talent from the main list to NXT?

What is the story?

The current WWE list is stronger than before. The main roster and NXT are stacked with many talented stars, however, the majority of them are not even used to the full. One of them is Tyler Breeze.

The constantly underrated star made an appearance on the latest NXT TV recordings for a surprising championship match, perhaps tempting a permanent move back to the development brand.

If you don't know …

Breeze is one of the successful talents whose development has never been translated into the main list. Officially referred to as the lightest FCW Heavyweight Champion in the history of the previous development area, Breeze spent five years in the league under WWE before making the leap to the main list in 2015.

He even held the FCW tag team championship with Roman Reigns at FCW and became a popular face on NXT as Sultan Selfie. His debut on the main list and the ensuing feud with Dolph Ziggler failed to make it with fans of the main list and before anyone realized, Breeze was working every week.

His career, however, has witnessed the rise of comedy on several occasions since paired with Fandango. Breezango has been one of the more entertaining actions in recent years but is currently sidelined because Fandango came out due to an injury. This has left Breeze with nothing important to do in the cruel main list environment.

The essence of this problem

King of Cuteville showed NXT Taping TV at Full Sail University on Wednesday and took Ricochet in the NXT North American Championship match. Even though Breeze finally lost the side, it made fans talk about the potential for long-term returns to the brand. After all, the faithfully Full Sail truly adores it.

Yes, Breeze has worked on several NXT live shows in the past but Ricochet has matched his first TV recording performance since his fight against Samoa Joe in 2015. So, is Prince Pretty back to Sail Full forever?

What's next?

Triple H doesn't rule out the possibility of using major stars that are underutilized on NXT and with Fandango for six months, having a Breeze on NXT TV for the future will be a brilliant decision on WWE.

The Gorgeous One can have a solid game before reuniting with Fandango once he might return from injury in February. There were a number of seductive animosities for Breeze who were waiting to happen on NXT. Which do you want to see if WWE really moves the Breeze back? Let us know in the comments section below.

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