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Pokemon Swords And Shields Make Some TVs Dead

Screenshot: Nintendo (Pokemon Sword and Shield )

During the weekend, some players sit to play Pokemon Sword And Protect on their Roku TV, just to make it jam on the startup screen before rebooting. Roku said that he was currently working to fix the problem.

"We are aware of problems when using the latest Nintendo Switch and Pokemon games that affect a small number of Roku devices," a Roku's representative said on Reddit. "We work diligently to solve this problem."

People started reporting problems on Reddit and social media after the game was released on Friday. "My Insignia Roku TV is stuck in a circle where it reaches the screen that reads 'Insignia Roku' and then dies," write one person. "These are at intervals of about 10 seconds which do it. I have removed all connected devices from it, tried resetting, unplugging it for 10+ minutes, and even tried resetting the device to the factory and it still hasn't worked. "

While Roku did not confirm cause of the problem, jobs suggested by the company today –around including turning it off or setting it in airplane mode, effectively removing it from the home WiFi network. That means for people who are currently affected, it might not be used Sword and Protect their online and smart TV features simultaneously.

While no one knows for sure why the latest Pokemon the game doesn't play well with some Roku devices, there is some speculation that it might have something to do with how the Y-Comm feature looks for other local players online. Whatever the outcome, that is another reason I thank you My old LG TV didn't have a "smart" feature and couldn't connect to the internet.

Roku and Nintendo did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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