Passengers Jumping 11 Stories From Cruise Ships Hoping He Didn't Inspire Others


A man who was banned from Royal Caribbean Cruises after jumping into the sea from the 11th floor balcony hoped his actions would not inspire others.

Last week, 27-year-old Nick Naydev from Vancouver, posted a video on Instagram showing he took a small jump for a man and a big leap of ignorance. He fell 100 feet into shark-filled waters.

Amazingly, he was not seriously hurt but said he could "Almost not running" for three days later, according to The Washington Post.

The main damage was financial: Naydev and his friends were kicked from a cruise in the Bahamas, and he had to spend $ 200 on a plane ticket home from Nassau, the Post said.

The 10-second action led the shipping lane to ban Naydev and his friends for life, according to a statement given by Royal Caribbean to "Inside Edition":

"This is stupid and careless behavior, and he and his friends have been barred from sailing with us anymore. We are exploring legal action. "

Naydev told "Inside Edition" that he did not really think about risk before taking that leap of logic.

"Nothing really crossed my mind. I like, "I have to do this," and just two seconds later, I just jumped and didn't really think about it, "he admitted.

Not surprisingly, alcohol may be involved.

"Our previous night drink a little, so I still feel the effects of the alcohol, "he added.

Now, a week later, Naydev is worried that his careless leap can inspire imitators.

"I hope I do not inspire anyone to do this because it is very dangerous," he said. "I mean, don't think this is a joke."

However, the man who recorded Naydev's jump told Yahoo! that he was disappointed by the way Royal Caribbean handled the incident, even though he did not seem to understand his point.

"He jumped from a height like that before, and we don't really care about the consequences with shipping companies," he explained. "We just want to get the video and make it viral."


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