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Astrologer has allegedly withheld $ 400 million in wages from underrepresented workers (blacks, Latinos and Asians) and women, said the US Department of Labor's Federal Contract Compliance Program Office in a filing today. OFCCP is an office within the DOL that imposes equal wages and ensures government contractors comply with anti-discrimination regulations.

In a second complaint changed by OFCCP today, the office accused Oracle of "irrationally denying employment opportunities equivalent to non-Asian job applicants, strongly choosing workers who could then be paid less. After being hired, women, blacks and Asians are systematically paid relatively low compared to their peers, "the complaint alleges.

Allegedly, certain Oracle employee underpayments were driven by the company's dependence on previous salary information and channeled non-white employees, non-men to lower paid roles.

The department believes that Oracle's "pattern of discrimination" began in 2013 and continues to this day. More specifically, OFCCP accused Oracle of discriminating against black, Asian and female employees. All of this ultimately resulted in a collective loss of more than $ 400 million for this group of employees, the claim said.

The office also accused Oracle of discriminating against those who have visas, often placing them in low-level jobs. Most of the employees of Oracle's college recruitment program, according to the demands, are international students on student visas.

"These students need a work permit to remain in the United States after graduation," the lawsuit accused him. "In other words, Oracle employs a lot of workers who depend on Oracle to keep sponsors in the United States."

OFCCP filed a lawsuit against Oracle last January, following a 2014 company audit of the Labor Department. The lawsuit was followed by a class action lawsuit led by employees last month on charges that Oracle paid fewer women than men in similar jobs.

Oracle is subject to audit as a result of its contract with the federal government. Given the Oracle agreement to provide equal employment opportunities, OFCCP asked the Court to ask Oracle to pay for those affected and improve "discriminatory compensation and recruitment practices." The office also demanded that Oracle lose a $ 100 million annual contract with the government.

Oracle, which declined to comment on this story, was not the only company that OFCCP participated in. Several years ago, the office chased Google in an effort to obtain compensation data, followed by claims that Google had a systemic inequity in gender-based payments. In the same year, the office sued Palantir for racial discrimination. Palantir, a few months later, completed with DOL, agreed to pay $ 1.7 million in back wages and other types of monetary assistance to those affected.


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